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Barnes & Noble Nook Browses Web, Tweets Too

This is far from official support from the Barnes & Noble people, but the kooks at NookDevs have managed to get a full browser up and running on the ebook reader. It’s still in black-and-white, but it means that you browse through your favorite websites on this thing.

Further still, it seems that NookDevs has managed to install Android-based apps for Twitter and Facebook too. Aside from the slower refresh rate, you could almost say that the Nook is a viable tablet. Sort of.


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The Use of Twitter by America’s Newspapers: A report

Check out this report on the use of Twitter by America’s top 100 newspapers……Some interesting findings…….

The report can be downloaded from the site…….

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NY Times Tech Review Eviscerates Nook

…………Unfortunately, we, the salivating public, might be afflicted with a little holiday disease of our own: Sucker Syndrome. Every one of the Nook’s vaunted distinctions comes fraught with buzz kill footnotes.

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Hearst’s Skiff Plans To Set Sail Next Year With E-Reader Platform, Devices—And Sprint Deal

Click below for full article

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Google CEO column in WSJ on how Google helps, not hinders, newspapers…..

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Sports Illustrated readies new product for expected-soon tablets

The tablet-ized issues of SI will include all of each print issue’s content plus a selection of content from the website and ads enhanced with video and extra functionality. It is meant to build on the magazine experience, not work like a website. “It’s curated,” said Terry McDonell, editor of the Sports Illustrated Group. “It’s not a fire hose.”

Readers will have options they don’t get in print, like re-ordering and sorting the contents of the magazine, posting comments, pulling up related content from previous digital issues, getting alerts on live sports events, seeing tweets on the subject at hand and summoning relevant stats. The issues may even include games people can play that are tied to live sports events they’re watching on TV.

But SI intends to remain the editor. “We want a hand in all that,” Mr. McDonell said, “because that’s what we think people will pay us for.”

Ads that include video, store finders, price guides and other elements, meanwhile, should command premiums from advertisers, Mr. McDonell said.

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Forrester looks at 2010 for e-readers and e-books……….

Solid Article by two members of Forrester Research, a well-respected firm…….

This has been a breakout year for e-readers and e-books—device sales will have more than tripled by the end of this year, and content sales are up 176% for the year. But next year will be anything but boring. Here are Forrester’s predictions for 2010……

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