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Pricing WILL be an issue for Que Pro Reader……

Having worked on content development for the Que for some time and being one of the few to see and work with the device prior to its unveiling at CES, I am a Que enthusiast. I believe the device is fabulous and would love to have one. Tempering that, however, against my needs as a user (and not a developer or gadget geek) I’d have a hard time shelling out $649 or $799 now.For me (and I hope there is a strong market among business users) the value proposition is just not there.

Most of the press from the CES 2010 appropriately hails the Que Pro Reader as unparalleled in its class. The question is how long will its class last? At this point, I think it’s an understatement to say that folks working in this universe as well as consumers in the know are not going to purchase a device until Apple either comes out or does not come out with something in a couple of weeks. And many are understanding that tablets in general present competition in this arena.

So why not come out with a lower price to develop mass? Two reasons (I speculate); 1) It’s much more difficult to keep pricing low if your costs and ability to manufacture the device are higher and 2) Manufacturing capacity must meet demand.

The link below is representative of this and a good example of media Que review now that it’s launched.


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