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…currently tracking CES 2010

Dual Screen Edge tablet/E-reader is my device “sleeper pick…..”

These folks got it right…….They know it’s a bit heavier, but they know consumers want multi-function devices, too.

For my money, the Entourage Edge is the sleeper device of the show:



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Plastic Logic unveils the Que Pro Reader

Below is the full 51-minute Plastic Logic press conference to unveil the Que Pro Reader held 7:30 a.m., Jan. 7 just before the opening of CES 2010 in Las Vegas.

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Stay tuned, I will be reporting….

I’m in the desert, but that doesn’t mean you should be left with only sand for news here.

My best intentions for posting photos and video her have been userped by limited broadband ability to post.

Aircard is not cutting it and hotel wants $4 per hour for wireless.

I promise to edit and post upon my return. Meantime, I am tweeting at @vincekern

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Windows CEO Ballmer Reveals Slate Device

Couldn’t make it to the Ballmer Keynote at 6:30 tonight……took awhile to get from airport to here and checked in, etc…….But from the sounds of it, there was not much to miss. Here a link to a report below…..

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It’s travel day………

It’s finally here, the best day, break-away day. I’m trading my winter coat for a man-purse to hold video, notebook pc and other reportorial tools to update interested folks from CES 2010.

I’ve been to a lot of various trade shown in my career, but unlike NEXPO and others, CES will include an unveiling of prototype work of the Detroit News and Free Press from some of the finest designers I’ve collaborated with, Steve Dorsey and Rick Epps.

Although there is some CES activity today — amid the hot rumor that Microsoft’s CEO will unveil an HP-built MS Tablet tonight — I will be in transit until about 9 p.m. EST………..

The Plastic Logic unveiling of the Que is scheduled for about 7:30 PST/10:30 EST, tomorrow, so most of my posts will be tomorrow, Friday and possible some follow ups over the weekend.

I might post a Vegas Vibe or two tonight for atmosphere, but time will tell.

Meantime, thanks for stopping by.

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NewspaperDirect Brings 1,400+ Periodicals to Sony Reader

Yesterday, NewspaperDirect, the newspaperdirect.gifinternational periodical distributor based in Vancouver, announced it would make its entire catalog of periodicals from all over the world, including more than 1,400 titles, available for Sony’s line of eReaders. This news comes hot on the heels of the newly available Sony Reader Daily Edition (we’ll have more on eBN readers’ responses to the new device later).

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Hearst’s Skiff e-reader device unveiled just before CES


The much awaited Skiff e-reader appeared today on the Skiff homepage. As of Tuesday, January 5, it is not known when it will ship or its cost……..Likely to be revealed at CES.

It is interesting to note the front page ad placement in the lower right corner.

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Video of Sony’s Daily Reader — Shipping Now

I think Sony has a winner with this one…….I especially like the stylus for handwritten notes, something the Que does not seem to have pre-release. Newspaper and magazine presentation have been standardized, and are somewhat graphical, but not as well or as much as the News and Free Press on the Que.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Browses Web, Tweets Too

This is far from official support from the Barnes & Noble people, but the kooks at NookDevs have managed to get a full browser up and running on the ebook reader. It’s still in black-and-white, but it means that you browse through your favorite websites on this thing.

Further still, it seems that NookDevs has managed to install Android-based apps for Twitter and Facebook too. Aside from the slower refresh rate, you could almost say that the Nook is a viable tablet. Sort of.

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The Use of Twitter by America’s Newspapers: A report

Check out this report on the use of Twitter by America’s top 100 newspapers……Some interesting findings…….

The report can be downloaded from the site…….

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